SPACECOOL and MASSCOAL Engage in Joint Development of Industrial Gas Cylinder Covers Utilizing “SPACECOOL” Radiative Sky Cooling Material

We would like to announce that SPACECOOL Inc. (CEO: Takayuki Hoshuyama) and MASSCOAL Co., Ltd. (President: Junco Sakai) have begun joint development of industrial gas cylinder covers using our   radiative sky cooling material.

This   radiative sky cooling*1 material dissipates heat into space in direct sunlight, enabling it to lower its temperature more than the ambient temperature without using energy. In a demonstration test conducted by the material’s developer Osaka Gas in the summer of 2020, the surface temperature of the material was confirmed to be up to approximately 6°C*2 lower than the ambient temperature. Thus, it achieved a level of radiative sky cooling performance that was among the highest in the world*3.

SPACECOOL and MASSCOAL have been investigating the potential of applying this material to industrial gas cylinder covers. Based on the results of these investigations to date, our two companies have agreed to begin joint development and efficacy verification of the following:

1) Joint development of industrial gas cylinder covers utilizing this material

2) Verification of its effectiveness in industrial gas cylinder covers

The High Pressure Gas Safety Act applies to containers (cylinders) containing industrial gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, and stipulates that their surface temperature be kept below 40°C. On the other hand, solar radiation makes it difficult to keep cylinder surfaces below 40°C in hot outdoor environments during summer. The fact that there is no tangible and effective means to lower their temperatures has been a problem for many years. In summer when the surface temperature of a cylinder can top 40°C, there is a possibility of tripping the safety valve and discharging gas or causing a secondary accident.

We want to eliminate emission of gases in hot outdoor summer environments. To this end, we aim to verify the effectiveness of this material in industrial gas cylinder covers in actual use environments during summer, and establish whether they are an effective means of keeping cylinders cool.

SPACECOOL and MASSCOAL will then use these results to provide effective solutions to thermal challenges. Because industrial gases are so essential to society, we will help to ensure that these gases can be used without worry in outdoor environments during the summer, and continue to be seen as safe by both users and the entire local community.

*1: A phenomenon by which heat is carried away from heated objects as electromagnetic waves (light)

*2: Measured at Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Energy Technology Laboratories in Osaka’s Konohana Ward (Ambient temperature at time of measurement: Approx. 35°C) Temperature measured on the reverse-side of a steel plate covered with radiative sky cooling material.

*3: Based on research conducted by our company and Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. using published research papers.

1. Our radiative sky cooling material "SPACECOOL"

We have already developed two types of products: film and canvas.

■ Film (silver, white)
■ Canvas (silver, white)

2. Joint development of industrial gas cylinder covers

Industrial gas cylinders vary in size depending on their capacity and the type of gas they contain. First, a prototype cover for 7,000 L industrial gas cylinders will be created and subjected to an evaluation of their basic characteristics, and a comparative evaluation with commercially available industrial gas cylinder covers at Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Energy Technology Laboratories in Osaka’s Konohana Ward. In addition, MASSCOAL will conduct evaluations during the transport of industrial gas cylinders and during interactions with customers to assess the usability of the covers and their characteristics under different usage environments.

Industrial gas cylinders
Gas cylinder used for verification
Verification at Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Energy Technology Laboratories

3. Company Overview

SPACECOOL Inc. is an open innovation joint venture between WiL, LLC and Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. We develop and sell “SPACECOOL”, a radiative sky cooling material to ameliorate hot environments.

MASSCOAL Co., Ltd. sells industrial gas produced in its own factory, sells related equipment and consumables, and proposes machinery, equipment, and pant environments to customers in the Kansai region and beyond.

Head office 4F ARCH, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative Takayuki Hoshuyama, CEO
Established April 1, 2021
Shareholder distribution WiL 51%, Osaka Gas 49%
Business overview Sales and consulting related to energy conservation; sales and consulting for products intended to improve the environment.
Vision Bring coolness in the shade of trees to the world

Head Office 2-21-2 Shinmori, Asahi-ku, Osaka, Japan
Representative Junco Sakai
Established September 9, 1958
Business overview Manufacture of safe, secure, comfortable industrial gas, provision of gas solutions in the fields of manufacturing and food production

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