Participation in the J-Startup Pavilion at the “GITEX North Star 2022” Exhibition in Dubai

SPACECOOL Inc. will exhibit its radiative sky cooling material SPACECOOL® (hereinafter referred to as “the Material”) as a member of the J-Startup Pavilion at GITEX North Star 2022, the largest IT exhibition in the Middle East and Africa, to be held in Dubai, UAE for four days from October 10 (Monday) to 13 (Thursday), 2022, as a continuation of last year.


Dubai is rapidly growing as an innovation hub, thanks to strong government initiatives, and is the entry gate for businesses in the Middle East and Africa, as well as a site for large-scale demonstrations of new technologies and services.

17 Japanese startups are scheduled to participate in the J-Startup Pavilion, which Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will exhibit at GITEX North Star 2022, and SPACECOOL has been selected as one of them, as it was last year.


In the equatorial Middle East and Africa, the heat environment is particularly severe, and the use of this material in various applications will contribute to the improvement of the heat environment. In particular, we propose the use of the Material as a heat-environment countermeasure for cubicles for electrical and mechanical equipment, power conditioners and storage batteries for mega and giga solar power plants, and membrane structures for temporary buildings, tents, and other structures.


By exhibiting at GITEX North Star 2022, thanks to the great support of JETRO, we are expecting to build relationships to local companies and to work with Japanese companies in the region to network with manufacturers, user companies, and government agencies that could be potential business partners in the Middle East and Africa, with the aim of developing business in Middle East area. We will also work with Japanese companies in the region with whom we may collaborate.

About the radiative sky cooling material

This material is a material*1 that makes it possible to lower the temperature below the outside temperature with zero energy by releasing heat into space even under direct sunlight.

Two types of products utilizing this material have already been developed, film and membrane materials, and are manufactured and sold by SPACECOOL Inc.

*1: Achieved by using Osaka Gas’ proprietary optical control technology to design a material that suppresses heat input from sunlight and increases heat dissipation through thermal radiation*2.

*2: A phenomenon in which heat from a heated object is carried as electromagnetic waves (light).

Figure1: Principals
Figure2-1: SPACECOOL_Film type
Figure2-2: SPACECOOL_Membrane type
Figure3: Cooling Performance of “SPACECOOL®”
Figure4: Applications

GITEX North Star 2022

GITEX is the largest IT exhibition in the Middle East and Africa, which attracts government officials from the UAE and other countries, regional heads of global companies, and conglomerates from the region, etc. North Star 2022 refers to the dedicated startup area within GITEX.

Date: Monday, October 10 – Thursday, October 13, 2022, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center


Photo: GITEX exhibition in 2021