A Challenge of Relieving Intense Heat in the Logistics Industry and Achieving Carbon Neutrality
Joint Study for Sales of SPACECOOL®, a New Material Using Radiant Sky Cooling Technology
Participation to GITEX Future Stars 2021, the largest exhibition of IT technologies in Middle East and Africa
Demonstration Test Using SPACECOOL® Radiative Sky Cooling Material Begins at Yumeshima Expo Venue —Evaluating Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Etc. in Collaboration with Various Companies—
TV TOKYO’s Kyodai Kigyo no Nihon Kaikaku 3.0 “Ikidzuraidesu 2021”: Ookina Kaisha to Ookina Kaisha to TV TOKYO to Showcases SPACECOOL
Joint Evaluation by SPACECOOL, TAIYO KOGYO, ITOCHU, and KANBO PRAS of Membrane Construction Materials for use at the Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
SPACECOOL and MASSCOAL Engage in Joint Development of Industrial Gas Cylinder Covers Utilizing “SPACECOOL” Radiative Sky Cooling Material
SPACECOOL Selected for Joint Participation with Osaka Gas and Four Other Companies in a ” public appeal for demonstration tests in Yumeshima” Sponsored by the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition and Osaka Chamber of Commerce
Joint Development of Thermal Solutions by SPACECOOL and KANBO PRAS with Membrane Materials Utilizing “SPACECOOL” Radiative Sky Cooling Material
Announcing Business Commencement of “SPACECOOL”, a Radiative Sky Cooling Material that Boasts One of the Highest Levels of Cooling Performance in the World.